Global Church Foundations

Foundations (known locally as GLOMOS) is an 8-month training course which serves untrained pastors and leaders in developing nations. We are not trying to compete with colleges or seminaries. We work with leaders who are already serving in ministry and have little to no access to theological education because of their poverty, remote location, or education level. We come alongside these struggling leaders and help them lead vibrant, healthy churches in their region.

We send credentialed instructors to work on-site and pour into the lives of these leaders. Some of the instructors are western, and others are nationals. We designed our course to give them the basics and to cultivate leaders with Christ-like character, commitment to the Word, and competent ministry skills.

The students come together each month for 3 days of intensive training using our unique curriculum. This training is specially designed to impact our students’ “head, heart, and hands.” In other words, it transforms their thoughts and beliefs, their personal character, and their ministry.

Our Foundations course includes the following modules:

  • The Life, Ministry, and Uniqueness of Jesus

  • Introduction to the New Testament

  • Introduction to the Old Testament

  • Biblical Interpretation

  • Preaching so that People Encounter God

  • Solid Doctrine: Speaking the Truth in Love

  • Healthy Church

  • Biblical Leadership

Foundations  students in Ukraine

Foundations students in Ukraine

We are currently providing our Foundations training for pastors and leaders in the following countries, with more coming soon!

  • Cuba

  • Honduras

  • Guatemala

  • Nicaragua

  • Ukraine

  • India

  • Bhutan