Why Leadership Training

The Opportunity is Great.

In the 20th century, Christianity became an increasingly global religion. The church is growing rapidly in the non-Western world, and the gospel truly is spreading to the ends of the earth. One hundred years ago, two out of ten Christians worldwide lived in the “Global South” (primarily defined as Africa, Asia, and Latin America). Today, that number has risen dramatically: nearly seven out of ten Christians today live in the Global South. These are exciting times of church growth. Many of these believers are strategically located in places and cultures where they are able to reach people who are normally inaccessible to traditional missionaries.

Why Leadership Training

The Need is Urgent.

The number of trained Christian leaders has not kept pace with the rapid growth of the church. Approximately nine out of ten pastors worldwide lack biblical training, and many live in remote places where they don’t have access to traditional Bible colleges or seminaries. So many of these faithful pastors and ministers are hungry for training in understanding the Bible, in good interpretation, doctrine and preaching, in how to run a church and how to be an effective leader. And they benefit greatly from being in the fellowship of others who are called to ministry. Equipping these leaders allows the Good News of Jesus Christ to transform many more lives and whole communities.

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