William Mopel – Kenya

Pastor William Mopel is Maasai by tribe and Kenyan by nationality. Born into a large polygamous family, he grew up in and out of school and pursued an early career in mechanical engineering. He led a troubled life—until he encountered the Lord.

Shortly after his life was transformed by Christ, William felt called into vocational ministry. He took his calling very seriously, and within a few years graduated from East Africa School of Theology with a BA in Bible and Theology. He was then ordained as a pastor.

William still sensed a gap in his understanding and preparation for ministry, so he went through Global Action’s Foundations program in 2023.

“The training I have received through Global Action has challenged, refreshed, and equipped me for ministry. The practicality, relevance, and customization of this content is exceptional. I am a different minister now through Global Action… my life in ministry is now organized. I pray, plan, prepare, actualize.”

William Mopel

Under his shepherding, the youth ministry in his church has grown from 8 participants to 50, each of whom is growing in discipleship. William currently pastors a church in his community, where he oversees the cell group ministry. These cell groups have grown in number from 10 cells with 77 people in weekly attendance to 33 cells with 300 in weekly attendance! Surely God is Lord of the harvest, and we praise God for His work through Pastor Mopel!

William and his wife, Katherine, have three children. He continues to desire deeper roots in the knowledge of God so he can be an even more faithful and effective minister of the gospel.

Global Action was pleased to award him a full-ride scholarship to Africa International University (AIU), where he will earn a Diploma in Theology. He is slated to graduate in April 2025.