Open Borders, Open Doors

Equipping Leaders in Bhutan When the pandemic hit, the Buddhist hermit kingdom of Bhutan completely shut its borders. They remained closed for three long years. This year, to the great surpise of our team, one of our Bhutanese graduates showed up in Sikkim, India with...

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Growing in Latin America

It is with great excitement that we watch our work spread to new places! This month we are focusing on Latin America, where we are equipping leaders and transforming lives in seven countries. Our team includes 1 regional director, 7 country directors, 29 coordinators, and...

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Serving the Under-Served in Wartime

When the war in Ukraine started, Global Action leapt into action. We were especially aware of the needs of the Roma people who, traditionally, have been ignored by leaders and communities and are treated as lower-class citizens. Because of our work with Roma pastor Mykola...

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Embarking on a Lifetime of Impact

Lupi Polío is a young woman from El Salvador who came to Christ after an earthquake shook her country—and her complacency. She came face to face with her own mortality and realized her need for a Savior. Some years later she decided to move to Guatemala to...

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New Video from Ukraine!

The pandemic has made life even harder for Ukraine’s many Roma people. But Global Action graduate, Pastor Maxim Dzhum, is on the ground providing ongoing assistance and encouragement to families in need. This is a small picture of why equipping leaders in hard places makes...

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Mobilizing the Q’eqchi’

Did you know that even though Spanish is the official language of Guatemala, only 55% of the population speaks Spanish as their heart language? There are actually 22 different languages spoken in Guatemala! Over a half million people are native speakers of the Mayan language,...

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From Painting to Planting Churches

Pedro is a gifted artist and painter from Guatemala. Although he never considered himself a strong leader, God is using him to transform his community with the Gospel! Pedro received Global Action’s training in 2019, and his life has never been the same since. While...

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Painter to Preacher

New Video from Ukraine

Few things make me more excited than seeing the Gospel at work. Across the world, Global Action leaders are feeding the hungry, giving hope to the hopeless, leading the lost to Christ, and making disciples. Today, I am thrilled to share with you a powerful...

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COVID-19 Update from India

Namaste, my name is Amit Mondal and I serve as Director of South Asia through your support of Global Action. My family and I live in Hyderabad, India, and I have been part of the Global Action family for nineteen years. You may not know this,...

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Hope in the Northern Triangle

Have you heard of the “Northern Triangle?” This region of Central America is comprised of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Unfortunately, this Triangle is known for its intense poverty, crime, and corruption. It’s a hard place to live, and it is now getting much harder....

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Hope in the Northern Triangle
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